Microsoft UX Dev day (follow up)

27 08 2012

As I mentioned last week, I went to Microsoft’s UX dev camp. It was a great day where the presenters mixed theory with practical group exercises. A great way to learn, and a great way to spend a day. I worked together with a wonderful team from Stockholm firm Nansen.

The Nansen team were good enough to write a blog post (in Swedish) about our shared efforts, which can be found at their corporate blog. Give it a read!



Fear of heights VS love of swimming

15 08 2012

I’ve always considered myself to be a water-person. I love swimming, I drink copious amounts of carbonated water, I prefer to play blue decks in Magic: The Gathering games. As a water-person, I have a completely rational fear of heights.

The Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao in China have recently built a unique swimming pool, located 24 stories above street level. And when I say above, I mean directly above.



I’m thus torn between my wanting to swim in such a cool pool and my crippling fear of looking down once in the pool.

Thanks Geekologie! Source: CNN

The allegory of the carbonated courtesan

14 08 2012

My one constant liquid addiction in this world is easily recognized by anyone close to me. The effervescent enabler, my carbonated courtesan, sparkling water. With the exception of when I’m abroad, I’m often found with a glass of Ramlösa nearby. The brand Ramlösa has gone through several changes during the past years. Moving from a simpler, more refined look towards a more detailed, inviting look. Take their citrus flavored water for example. Five years ago, the citrus flavor was represented by a yellow circle (lemon) and a light green circle (lime) overlapping each other creating a venn-diagram.


Old design (left), new design (right).

The simplicity in the old design was striking. Representing the two well known fruits with just two circles and using white-space in order to create the illusion of a paper label. The new design is much richer in graphic presentation, but not as elaborate nor as clean.

I’m torn between these two designs, which in my mind kind of represents the two different styles in interface design today. Either you do a well thought out, clean and classic interface like Windows 8 and Windows Phone’s Metro. Or you do a rich interface with a lot of polish and graphical excellence like Apple or Samsung. If you just put in the time to make sure what you do is the best it can be, it will be beautiful.

I can’t decide right now which I like the most, just like I can’t decide which of the two interface-styles appeals the most to me. I know this though, I love Ramlösa, and I’ll continue to drink it as long as they keep making it.

30k hits and BUILD

13 09 2011

I didn’t really notice that, yesterday, I reached 30 000 unique hits on my blog since it started up two years ago. By international blog standards this isn’t a lot, but I’m glad that my thoughts have reached so many minds. If this means that a thousand people have read thirty different posts I’ve written or that one dude is furiously changing IPs to reload my main page 30 000 times, I’m glad there’s interest in what I have to say.


Now for something completely different a bit more relevant. BUILD starts up tonight (CET) with a keynote address. Myself I’m very excited about this, though a bit sad not being able to attend. Catch the keynote at Channel9 tonight or find the videos at tomorrow.

Word is that we might see a CTP of Win8 as soon as tomorrow. Although I wouldn’t be able to install such early release code on my work machine, I have a netbook at home just begging to be reformatted Open-mouthed smile


What I want for Christmas

8 09 2011

Just saw an awesome preview of Sony’s latest tech. An awesome looking 3D visor which gives the viewer the experience of a 750” screen (omg!).

This is all I want for Christmas (plus a box of bluray 3D pornos).


What’s going around?

8 09 2011

Everyone I know either have a cold, a broken knee or something worse.

This is pretty much my friend Johannes right now

Here is a classic Swedish commercial dealing with when a man “Has a really bad cold”

Rough translation

You women talk about giving birth, but you should know how it feels when a man has a really BAD cold Crying face


Myself, I have an inner-ear thing going on which allows me to sport this fanciful/practical/very uncomfortable head bandage. 


Until next time, stay healthy friends!

I’m going to Mix11

10 03 2011

I depart for MIX11 one month from today. I had a great time last year and this year might just top that. Las Vegas was a fun town to visit and I got some great souvenirs from last year (dice and knowledge, not chlamydia).

I’m going to travel with Michael Björn and Johan Nedin from Avanade. I’ll try to start up my blogging again so I’m warmed up when the show hits. Actually bought a netbook in order to be able to blog properly during the show.

Stitched Panorama