Nordtech wrap up

10 10 2010

The annual Nordic Avanade conference was this weekend. I’m just returning from it with a few good takeaways. I’ve met a lot of interesting people, heard a few good ideas, a few bad ideas and eaten a LOT of salmon.

We stayed at a hotel/funland in Sarpsborg, Norway. After much struggling, I managed to pull my session on WP7 together fairly well. It generated the most interest of any session during the conference and we actually had to add chairs in the room to seat enough people. I also got to familiarize myself with the WP7 platform a little better. I like how I often find new little things which I enjoy. The demos I showed went very well and I hope I’ll be able to post at least a few of them online soon.

A final note on life in Norway, shit ain’t cheap. Everything was priced like in Sweden, only with the much stronger currency Norway uses. The cab prizes were truly Kafkaesque. Due to the lack of buses on the weekend, a few other people and I had to take a taxi to the airport (which was 90 kilometers / 60 miles) away. The final fare was over FIVE THOUSAND NOK! That’s almost a thousand US dollars for anyone who’s counting. Norway truly has taken the throne over Sweden and Japan as the most expensive country in the world.



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