I’m going to Mix11

10 03 2011

I depart for MIX11 one month from today. I had a great time last year and this year might just top that. Las Vegas was a fun town to visit and I got some great souvenirs from last year (dice and knowledge, not chlamydia).

I’m going to travel with Michael Björn and Johan Nedin from Avanade. I’ll try to start up my blogging again so I’m warmed up when the show hits. Actually bought a netbook in order to be able to blog properly during the show.

Stitched Panorama




2 responses

14 03 2011
Matt Lindsay

Hey Victor,
See you there. There’s a bunch of us Avanade XD’s (Experience Designers) from Australia, UK, and America’s…

I actually came across your site looking for information on SL GMP. Looking for percentages across all platforms including Mac and mobile devices. http://riastats.com doesn’t include Mac :(

14 03 2011
Viktor Larsson

Hi Matt!

I’d be interested to see that as well. I like RIAstats, but I’m not sure how reliable the site is sometimes. It seems that values fluctuate a lot with only small tweaks. I’m very much looking forward to meeting you XD guys. I don’t know if you’ve met him, but I work a fair share with Magnus Dahlhjälm here in Sweden. Hit me up on OCS or twitter later.

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