Shortcuts of the Day

30 08 2012



While writing an email, this will send the mail. This won’t save you a lot of time, but I like slamming the [Enter] key to really send the email.


If you have OneNote running its task, this will take a screen clipping. I prefer to send these to the clipboard by default so I can paste them into whichever application I’m using.



New in Windows8. Will actually take a screenshot and save it to your Pictures folder. Notice the camera shutter effect when you do it.


Will bring up the charms menu. Not that useful, but kinda nice.

Shortcuts Windows8 Printscreen


Microsoft UX Dev day (follow up)

27 08 2012

As I mentioned last week, I went to Microsoft’s UX dev camp. It was a great day where the presenters mixed theory with practical group exercises. A great way to learn, and a great way to spend a day. I worked together with a wonderful team from Stockholm firm Nansen.

The Nansen team were good enough to write a blog post (in Swedish) about our shared efforts, which can be found at their corporate blog. Give it a read!


My favorite part of the Win8 installation

14 09 2011


License to kill remove malicious software

30k hits and BUILD

13 09 2011

I didn’t really notice that, yesterday, I reached 30 000 unique hits on my blog since it started up two years ago. By international blog standards this isn’t a lot, but I’m glad that my thoughts have reached so many minds. If this means that a thousand people have read thirty different posts I’ve written or that one dude is furiously changing IPs to reload my main page 30 000 times, I’m glad there’s interest in what I have to say.


Now for something completely different a bit more relevant. BUILD starts up tonight (CET) with a keynote address. Myself I’m very excited about this, though a bit sad not being able to attend. Catch the keynote at Channel9 tonight or find the videos at tomorrow.

Word is that we might see a CTP of Win8 as soon as tomorrow. Although I wouldn’t be able to install such early release code on my work machine, I have a netbook at home just begging to be reformatted Open-mouthed smile


Windows 8 Tech Breakfast

6 09 2011

My good friend and colleague Jonathan Zaar recently informed me that the Microsoft event on Windows 8 that I’d been looking forward to, was delayed without a new date. 

I took this not as a loss, but as a challenge and am now hosting my own Windows 8 event for Avanade Sweden employees. Unlike the tech-breakfast after MIX11, which was six months delayed, the information at this tech-breakfast will not be six DAYS old. Hot off the presses and run through your favorite subjective tech filter (me), it’s going to be glorious.

Tech-Breakfasts are a long standing tradition where members of the Avanade community meet to chat, discuss latest developments, and eat tasty sandwiches.


Time to learn HTML5 then

3 06 2011

With yesterday’s wonderful Windows 8 reveal, the future of the platform has become a bit more clear. Microsoft has chosen HTML5 as the core of new applications created for Windows 8’s windows-apps. Personally, I could’ve hoped for Silverlight/XAML in order to bring a richer experience to the user, but it makes sense for Microsoft to go with something as widespread as HTML to encourage developers.

I’m going to spend some time on Tuesday going over a few of the HTML5 videos from MIX. ( )

Also, since the dev tools for Mango are out, I’ve just installed them on a Virtual Machine and shall try to crank out a few demos of the new features. Check back next week for those.

Also, check out this 30 minute video from Taiwan for more details on Win8: