Silverlight Transform – XAML Transformation 101

3 03 2010

One of the many advantages with Silverlight and WPF is how easy it is to transform Images, objects or even entire groups of controls. Here is an example on two ways to bend objects with XAML in a quick fashion

Silverlight XAML Transformation Projection

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How to post sourcecode to WordPress

28 02 2010

Ok, so maybe I did a post like this before with a less than stellar result. At least it was better than my new solutions where I paste images and raw black text into the posts. Hopefully, those days will now be gone. I’ve been digging around the WordPress resource section and realized that you can do quite a lot of things very easily. Pasting code seems like one of them. I’ll try this by just pasting some random C# and XAML.

coding silverlight maybe?

coding silverlight maybe?

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Silverlight 4 Webcam Demo

22 02 2010

During my visit to Finland last month, I got the opportunity to demonstrate some of the new features in Silverlight 4 in demo-form. Today, I’ll review the webcam demo.

Silverlight 4 webcam demo

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Learning Silverlight Basics – Images

10 02 2010

I was asked a question regarding images in Silverlight from someone who wishes to learn more. To appease and educate; I’ll be sharing some basic info on how to work with Image objects in Silverlight.

Learning Silverlight Images Main

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Princess Kawaii, my one true love

1 02 2010

As promised earlier, my pet-project is now alive and kicking. This webshop, build entirely in Silverlight now sells clothes to fans of japanese fashion with “a fatal attraction to cuteness” as a famous pop singer would put it. I started working on the site two years ago when I knew practically nothing about Silverlight and haven’t thrown out any old code. The codebehind is a patchwork but the site holds firm.

I’d love input on the site so please comment if you see something you’d do differently.


The richness of the Silverlight Textblock

29 01 2010

With Silverlight 4, we saw the introduction of the RichTextBox control. Before using the RichTextBox I had been stacking multiple TextBlock controls on top of each other to create “richness” in my text.

I’m not writing today about the RichTextBox control, but the common TextBlock control and how rich it can be. These are two simple tips to creating rich text hassle free in Silverlight.


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Creating Silverlight animations easily with Blend

15 12 2009

By far the best part with Expression Blend for me is how laughingly easy it is to create animations in a quick and easy way. I’m going to demonstrate how we create a simple two object animation which I can use in Silverlight.

Expression Blend

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