Silverlight 4 PathListBox

1 04 2010

I’ve been catching up on the sessions I missed during MIX10. There were quite a few to say the least. I think that Christian Schormann & Peter Blois’s session on Blend 4 was one of the sessions many visitors missed due to it colliding with Joe Belfiore’s introduction to WP7.

Schormann and Blois talked a lot about a new control called PathListBox, which is totally awesome. Jump with me –>

PathListBox Silverlight Blend

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Windows Phone 7 – Anna and Miles

29 03 2010

Windows Phone 7 was designed with a very particular user group in mind. What Microsoft calls “Life Maximizers” would in plain English be explained as committed (in the romantic way, not the insane way), mature adults who needs a communication device able to support their life in motion…


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Netbook hard on

25 03 2010

I like gadgets and computers as much as the next guy… sometimes a bit more I guess. I saw this sleek little sexy netbook at MIX with slick design, great keyboard and a very nice screen. Sony Vaio’s “P series” has grabbed my attention and kept me. It fits in your pocket and fits in my heart as well.

Sony Vaio VGN-P31ZK Sony Vaio VGN-P31ZK

Sony Vaio VGN-P31ZK Sony Vaio VGN-P31ZK

If I ever got one of these, I’d be sharing it with my lovely girlfriend. I’d like to engrave it with a special message for her and I to be able to read when we’re apart. I think I’d look something like this:


Or in English:


If I wanted it to be personal and reflect my personality, I’d be this:


WP7 Content Policy

25 03 2010

After having my questions at MIX regarding content dismissed, I of course went to the source at and read up on the content policy for Marketplace Applications. Here are the things that stood out to me.

  • No sex, nudity, nipples or buttocks (it actually says buttocks). This will make many apps impossible to create. If nothing else, the 4chan image browser won’t be possible to do. Even though there are lots of good high resolution images on 4chan, there sure are a lot of buttocks as well.
  • No people on fire. What? This is a part of the excessive violence clause. Although few applications will take issue with this, there are quite a few games that’ll never be made because of it.

I hope the content policy won’t prevent people from making good applications. We’ll just have to wait and see until Christmas.

sexy-firefighter-girl-costume[1]No fire, no sexy

MIX Day 2 Keynote – HTML5 & IE9

23 03 2010

The day’s keynote started off swiftly. Microsoft were showing how HTML5 would work in a demo-filled way. One of the key points they wanted to make was that there was no other combination as powerful as HTML5 + IE9 and in some cases, they we’re right…


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Mix Day One – Keynote

19 03 2010

Mix started off with a kick. As expected, the focus of the keynote on day one was the new Windows Phone 7 platform. For those of you who were there, you will remember the rather amazing pre-show entertainment. Check out a video and a long post after the jump…

MIX10 Keynote ScottGu WP7 Windows Phone Silverlight

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Mix10 Day Zero – Arrival and Workshops

18 03 2010

Part 2

On sunday, following an excellent Italian themed lunch, the second workshop started. I’d decided to attend the session on design tools and methods. The workshop was held by the incredibly talented Rossi brothers; Guido Rossi and Luigi Rossi of Archetype


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