Mix10 Day Zero – Arrival and Workshops

18 03 2010

Part 2

On sunday, following an excellent Italian themed lunch, the second workshop started. I’d decided to attend the session on design tools and methods. The workshop was held by the incredibly talented Rossi brothers; Guido Rossi and Luigi Rossi of Archetype


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Expression Blend and Sketchflow

3 12 2009

One of the topics at yesterday’s talk was a semi-new feature in Expression Blend. Sketchflow is a kind of modeling tool where rough sketches of a program’s user interface and site structure is put together in a quick fashion. It’s supposed to be used as a part of a agile development process. Or as my colleague Mr.Mike put it:

“It will allow you to fail fast, instead of late in a development cycle”


More pics after the break.

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