Scott Guthrie in Stockholm

3 12 2009

So yesterday I went with @Uddstrom and Ciel to watch Scott Guthrie speak. It was a long seminar (5h + lunch) but very informative. He talked about changes coming in Visual Studio 2010 which some of them were new to me and some of them not so much.

 Scott Guthrie Stockholm Ciel Scott Guthrie Stockholm @Uddstrom
Ciel & @Uddstrom

I managed to ask him two questions, one of which had a very interesting answer…

1. With the developments to Silverlight we’ve seen from PDC, in two or three years time, which role do you see WPF having?

Answer: (This was a looong answer but I’ll abbreviate)WPF will still be relevant to create the most intensive, richest and most dedicated offline applications. Visual Studio 2010 is made with WPF.

2. In your opinion, how important do you feel that Windows Mobile gets Silverlight support in the first half of 2010?

Answer: Windows Mobile is of course an important platform and we’ve decided not to focus any announcements on it now. But it’s certainly something we’re working on. Look for an announcement some time in the first or second quarter of 2010. (I later overheard him mentioning March when asked again. Exciting).

Scott Guthrie Stockholm 3
Not the best seats

We also talked for a bit after the seminar where I asked him for good resources for getting started with Expression Blend. I basically got the standard reply of “send me an email” which had been said at least ten times earlier that day. Scott said he’d put me in contact with someone on the Expression Blend team, which I guess is similar to driving to Bolivia for a cup of coffee… but in a good way.




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