Silverlight 4 PathListBox

1 04 2010

I’ve been catching up on the sessions I missed during MIX10. There were quite a few to say the least. I think that Christian Schormann & Peter Blois’s session on Blend 4 was one of the sessions many visitors missed due to it colliding with Joe Belfiore’s introduction to WP7.

Schormann and Blois talked a lot about a new control called PathListBox, which is totally awesome. Jump with me –>

PathListBox Silverlight Blend

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Microsoft Research – Project Gustav

4 03 2010

Microsoft Research are a bit like technology superheroes with lots of different weird abilities and superpowers. Project Gustav is certainly an interesting new technology for painters and artists. Let’s have a look!

MS Research

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Doodling with Expression Blend

10 02 2010

In the wake of Prinsessan Kawaii, I’ve been given a slice of non-committed time to fill with something entertaining. As I’ve become more interested with web design lately, I’ve tried out my very basic skills in this field by making “one design a day” for three days. Just choosing a theme and going with it. All these designs are made with Expression Blend (not a single line of code written). I would also like to point out once again that these are the result of a few hours work each and that they’re not “the pride and joy of me”. It’s more like a learning opportunity.


See all the designs after the split


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Creating Silverlight animations easily with Blend

15 12 2009

By far the best part with Expression Blend for me is how laughingly easy it is to create animations in a quick and easy way. I’m going to demonstrate how we create a simple two object animation which I can use in Silverlight.

Expression Blend

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Recording video screenshot without FRAPS

10 12 2009

I’ve been using FRAPS for some time to record video from my applications. The problems with FRAPS are that it both adds a watermark and is only capable to capture the entire screen. In a recent endeavor I wanted to record only a part of the screen for a demonstration. This was when I found some new functionality in Expression Studio…

Expression Encoder

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