Doodling with Expression Blend

10 02 2010

In the wake of Prinsessan Kawaii, I’ve been given a slice of non-committed time to fill with something entertaining. As I’ve become more interested with web design lately, I’ve tried out my very basic skills in this field by making “one design a day” for three days. Just choosing a theme and going with it. All these designs are made with Expression Blend (not a single line of code written). I would also like to point out once again that these are the result of a few hours work each and that they’re not “the pride and joy of me”. It’s more like a learning opportunity.


See all the designs after the split


Here is a design for a wine club. Wonder if the parents would like this?
The text block is a sort of “Lorem Ipsum” that I just took from a word document. It has nothing to do with wine.


In this next design, I wanted to use white space but felt that it ended up feeling a bit cold and sterile. Using whitespace, I think, can be both powerful and hard.


The third and last design is something I put together as a sort of scrapbook-ish contact page with a lot of verticality. I ran out of time after making the top part so I felt content with it as is. The handsome man (on the left) is my brother who works as a layout artist in Stockholm.


I feel I’ve learned something from this. First and foremost that I need to work more on my design skills (and learn Adobe Creative Suite dammit); secondly that use of whitespace and perspective are harder than it looks; thirdly that the value of good graphics can’t be underestimated in the visual appeal of a site. I often react on certain women’s magazines who have great spreads because of the photographs, where the layout and typography is a joke.

So yeah, bring it on world. Let’s design something else!




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