MergeContentDbs Mythbusting

15 02 2012

For the past few months, I’ve been working a lot with SharePoint and PowerShell. I’ve been moving large numbers of site collections between different SharePoint 2007 databases.

I’d like to take some time today to dispel two common misunderstandings about this kind of work which I’ve had to learn the hard way…

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SharePoint resource throttling issue

16 03 2011

I get a lot of SharePoint work, much of it involves wrestling SharePoint and responding to issues. Here is a quick tip for anyone who encounters this error message:


The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold enforced by the administrator.


The solution (if you just wanna run your queries) is to go to SharePoint Central Admin > Manage Web Apps > [Your App] > General Settings > Resource Throttling.

Here you’ll find query limits set for users and admins. The tricky part is that Admins start at 20000 while users start at 5000. This means that your users may experience a problem you’ll be unable to recreate.

InfoPath is acting up

13 12 2010

We’ve been trying to update the list definitions of the SharePoint list we’re connecting our form to. Problem is, last update deleted and recreated the list, and now it refuses to connect.

I guess there might be a way to reconnect it, but it’s just so frustrating working without code access at times like these. I also tried to google the error-code to see who else had the same issue. Found this site: . Crazy!


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Between a rock and a hard place

9 12 2010

We’ve been developing this InfoPath application for a few weeks now. The problem is, I’ve been developing it unconnected to SharePoint. This brings two problems along, the first that I have to redo ALL my connections since I haven’t used the proper field names or namespaces during development. And second, that when we connect firmly to the SharePoint list we for some reason lose the ability to write custom code. So we either have to code our own submit/update/delete functions for the custom list and connect it to a “free” form, or as is the case, create a form which can’t use any custom code. I guess this is a sandbox thing, but I don’t enjoy it very much. InfoPath is still very rich, but it’s rough not being able to add code.


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InfoPath 2010

7 12 2010


I’m currently working on a project with InfoPath 2010. It seems this version is much different from previous versions. From a design standpoint, it’s very hard to work with, but I’m amazed how much advanced stuff you can do without writing a single line of code. We previously had some issues with not being able to publish our form to a custom list. But I think I’ve found a way around it. By accessing the list webservice native in SharePoint 2010, I’m able to do a SOAP call to insert data that way. Yay!

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