I hate presenting the last

29 03 2010

I was to give a five minute teaser presentation on an upcoming event tonight. The turnout to the main event wasn’t overwhelmingly great to begin with. Whenever a presentation is outside of normal work hours, only the truly interested and the truly hungry show up.

Tonight’s main presentation was on WPF and on my colleagues’ use of nHibernate in their project. It was a good presentation, but way too long. After two hours and forty minutes (the length of Avatar) I got the chance to give my presentation to a virtually empty room. This isn’t the first time I’ve been in this situation. Going last always means your audience is tired and sometimes less attentive than an hour ago.

I much appreciate my friends taking the time to create such an in depth presentation; but next time, I’ll go first.



Three ideas for Windows Phone 7 apps

1 03 2010

Since I’m expecting to get a WP7 SDK at MIX10, I’ll have to start thinking about what kind of applications to create with it. I like applications that make my life better, but not necessarily improves the life of everyone. Or to put it in another way, apps with narrow applications. Windows Phone 7 Applications 4chan SJ

After the break

Application ideas

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Silverlight Facebook Client

17 02 2010

Ever since the WPF Facebook app was shown at PDC09 back in October, I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a similar demo. This is a Silverlight application which takes the Facebook API and makes an entire client for it. This is comparable to what Tweetdeck is for twitter. If you’re interested in either Silverlight or Facebook, you should check this out!

Silverlight Facebook App


More screenshots after the break –>

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Side Projects

21 12 2009

I’ve been keeping busy lately. Here is a list of the side-projects I’m currently working on:

  • Creating an e-commerce site for the company Prinsessan Kawaii completely in Silverlight
  • The ChanBrowser. An imagebrowser that browses certain image forums and extracts images without any side text (WPF). See posts HERE AND HERE
  • Presentations about Silverlight4. Gave one two weeks ago. Am scheduled to give one in Stockholm and one in Finland next month.
  • Leveling a Warrior, a Shaman and a Rogue to lvl80 in World of Warcraft. This takes at least as much time as developing e-commerce sites.
  • Creating a mobile mobile device demo for a large Swedish retailer
  • Creating a Microsoft Surface concept for one of my favorite companies. Personal touch is always nice.

I hope to give insight in as many of these projects as I can. Hard work is hard but I always manage to slip some time in to my side-projects.

Merry Christmas

Creating Silverlight animations easily with Blend

15 12 2009

By far the best part with Expression Blend for me is how laughingly easy it is to create animations in a quick and easy way. I’m going to demonstrate how we create a simple two object animation which I can use in Silverlight.

Expression Blend

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My take on Silverlight 4 at PDC

20 11 2009

As of yesterday, the Silverlight 4 beta is available to everyone (with VS2010). Since I’m currently working on this darned mobile app, I haven’t had a chance to test it but some of the changes seem very nice. I’ve been working quite a bit on a webshop created solely in Silverlight and know that some of the new features could be useful.


I think that I’ve personally most been wanting the Rich Text Editor for some time now. That’ll come plenty in handy when presenting and recording information. Data Grid is of course a huge item that many developers have been pining for which now will make “serious” apps more viable.

The fact that Silverlight is being enabled out of browser with elevated permissions is not only an interesting change of scope but also begs the question: now that Silverlight is OOB and WPF is enabled online, how big are the differences really and will we see a merger within a year or two of the two technologies? Of the two, Silverlight has by far the sexier name if nothing else.

I’ll be updating more as I try out the new beta sometime next week. Until then, all I can offer are a couple of nifty links.

Silverlight 4 SDK

Silverlight toolkit (updated)

Channel 9 course on SL4


Opening a folder in Windows Explorer with WPF

17 11 2009

Today on my way to work I was working on a button for my Imageviewer. The button was supposed to open the download folder to which the user had chosen to save his/her images. 

To open a folder in WPF we use the following code:

            //Go to the specified folder

            var runExplorer = new System.Diagnostics.ProcessStartInfo();

            runExplorer.FileName = "explorer.exe";

            runExplorer.Arguments = @"C:\Downloads\";


“explorer.exe” here refers to the Windows Explorer and its arguments are equal to the path where we want to go. It’s a fairly simple script but very useful.


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