30k hits and BUILD

13 09 2011

I didn’t really notice that, yesterday, I reached 30 000 unique hits on my blog since it started up two years ago. By international blog standards this isn’t a lot, but I’m glad that my thoughts have reached so many minds. If this means that a thousand people have read thirty different posts I’ve written or that one dude is furiously changing IPs to reload my main page 30 000 times, I’m glad there’s interest in what I have to say.


Now for something completely different a bit more relevant. BUILD starts up tonight (CET) with a keynote address. Myself I’m very excited about this, though a bit sad not being able to attend. Catch the keynote at Channel9 tonight or find the videos at BuildWindows.com tomorrow.

Word is that we might see a CTP of Win8 as soon as tomorrow. Although I wouldn’t be able to install such early release code on my work machine, I have a netbook at home just begging to be reformatted Open-mouthed smile




7 12 2010

Hello! It’s been a while.

My girlfriend recently started up a blog and does three or more posts a day. She keeps it light and quick. I’ve been priding myself on quality articles with a lot of substance. But to hell with substance and to hell with quality. I’m going to try to post quicker, lighter posts more often in order to be able to post more often.


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Mix10 Day Zero – Arrival and Workshops

18 03 2010

Part 2

On sunday, following an excellent Italian themed lunch, the second workshop started. I’d decided to attend the session on design tools and methods. The workshop was held by the incredibly talented Rossi brothers; Guido Rossi and Luigi Rossi of Archetype


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Going home from MIX

18 03 2010

After a week of an overwhelming amount of news, new faces and cool devices; I’m going home to Sweden. My plan to blog during the conference went quickly out the window with the busy schedule we had to keep. I really respect people who are able to liveblog and still learn as much as I have done. During the coming week, I’ll try to post my impressions of the different parts of MIX.


Packing for Vegas

10 03 2010

I’m trading fimbul-winter and everlasting darkness for summerlike weather and a ceaseless barrage of light. I’m traveling across the world with nothing but a small backpack to hold my possessions and an open mind to hold new ideas, best practices and a thousand new faces.

Las Vegas Viktor MIX10 MIXAfter the jump

What to bring?

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Silverlight Market Penetration

8 03 2010

Filed under penetration

(This topic has an update. To see Microsofts official response on just the numbers, see this post on MIX10 Day 1 Keynote)

Let me start by saying that I love the site www.riastats.com. It’s a highly customizable site with information on the adoption rate of Flash, Silverlight and Java in different countries, browsers and OS:s.

After the jump, we’ll look at some stats for Silverlight.


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How to post sourcecode to WordPress

28 02 2010

Ok, so maybe I did a post like this before with a less than stellar result. At least it was better than my new solutions where I paste images and raw black text into the posts. Hopefully, those days will now be gone. I’ve been digging around the WordPress resource section and realized that you can do quite a lot of things very easily. Pasting code seems like one of them. I’ll try this by just pasting some random C# and XAML.

coding silverlight maybe?

coding silverlight maybe?

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