Microsoft Research – Project Gustav

4 03 2010

Microsoft Research are a bit like technology superheroes with lots of different weird abilities and superpowers. Project Gustav is certainly an interesting new technology for painters and artists. Let’s have a look!

MS Research

Project Gustav

Project Gustav is an advanced painting software that will allow for a much more realistic painting experience than what currently available software can provide. Intended for multi-touch screens with GPU-acceleration it seems like a killer app for anyone interested in painting on a tablet PC.


There is a wide variety of colors and brushes. The brushes can be set to different degrees of stiffness to produce different kind of brushstrokes. The result is previewable from different angles and it seems like Project Gustav allows for a very detailed configuration of your illustration assets.


I really like the idea of painting on the screen with a stylus. Fingerpainting seems very limited and although using a Wacom tablet works very well it’s not as portable or intuitive in my opinion. I’ won’t claim to be a great PC-painter but if any software would make me start dabbling in it, this would be it.

gustaf2 gustaf1

Just like PatB at Channel9 says, to be able to create XAML resources in this way would be awesome to say the least. Maybe Project Gustav could be the next addition to Expression Studio?

Find out more about Project Gustav here
Channel 9 (Video 1)
Channel 9 (Video 2)
Microsoft Research
Amateur video




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