Björk, the mad scientist of alt-pop

6 08 2012

Yesterday, my wife and I went to see one of our all time favorite artists in concert for the first time. Björk, the mad scientist of alternative pop visited Stockholm for the first time in what feels like forever. At the end of a concert which felt like a mix of music and sensory assault, we learned that many of the instruments which the band uses are actually custom coded applications. On top of this, Björk’s latest album Biophilia was released both as a regular CD and as an interactive application. I find it interesting that computers are becoming such a large part of some of the music we experience.

At one point during the concert, one of the band members were strumming four tablets as though they were harps. The same band member also controlled two giant tesla coils which Björk used to create a unique sound.

I wonder where we go from here. Most concert performances are certainly controlled by computers by now, but Björk also uses programming to create something unique that couldn’t have been done without a computer. I’d like to see what else we can do.





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6 08 2012
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