Two quick Office 2010 tips

21 09 2011

Today’s tips might reflect the kind of project I’m working on. Today I’m going to give two tips on how to work better in Excel 2010 –_-


Here is how to make your own keyboard-commands in excel:

1. Find an action you perform a lot but often have to click to access (insert row in my case)

2. Right-click on the command in the ribbon and select “Add to Quick Access Toolbar”. My command landed at spot nr 5 in the list

3. If your command is at place 5 in the list, Alt+5 now performs this command. In my case, Alt+5 inserts a new row.

Tadaa! Effectiveness



This is more of a forgotten feature than a tip. When working in Office 2010, you have access to something called the Clipboard. This tool allows you to save up to 25 copied texts, images, cells, etc. To open the clipboard, click at the little arrow in the copy menu under the Home ribbon.


This might be helpful when performing tasks where you need to paste three different texts or number sequences over and over in a document. Or when you just want to be able to copy-paste without losing your previous snippets.


That’s it for today. You’ve been great, tip your waitress!




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