Thoughts on cross platform and HTML5

9 09 2011

My friend Ciel and I are discussing phones as usual. He’s getting an Android from his new employer. We talk a while about apps and I tell him that if I want a platform with bad app support, I’ll choose WP7 any day. We talk a bit more and get into cross platform support. It bugs us that, aside from Mono, there is no real effort to do cross platform development for the different mobile devices. Maybe HTML5 is the future and native apps are going away as my friend Michael Björn suggests, but I don’t think were there yet.

However, when it comes to HTML5, it’s clear in my eyes who’s leading the charge. Since I attended MIX this year, I was able to pull this video clip from YouTube to show Ciel. He agreed that hardware accelerated browsing was the future and that it might prove an important aspect for app developers. I wish I could pull any event from my memory into existence in this way.

Look for me in the front row



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