Time to learn HTML5 then

3 06 2011

With yesterday’s wonderful Windows 8 reveal, the future of the platform has become a bit more clear. Microsoft has chosen HTML5 as the core of new applications created for Windows 8’s windows-apps. Personally, I could’ve hoped for Silverlight/XAML in order to bring a richer experience to the user, but it makes sense for Microsoft to go with something as widespread as HTML to encourage developers.

I’m going to spend some time on Tuesday going over a few of the HTML5 videos from MIX. ( http://live.visitmix.com/MIX11/Sessions/Tagged/HTML5 )

Also, since the dev tools for Mango are out, I’ve just installed them on a Virtual Machine and shall try to crank out a few demos of the new features. Check back next week for those.

Also, check out this 30 minute video from Taiwan for more details on Win8:





One response

10 09 2011
Learn WebDevelopment (@LearnWWW)

Learn HTML5 is being pushed as the preferred tech for new app building. Chrome apps are HTML5, Adobe is working on a Flash-like GUI for animating in HTML5, Android/iPhone/iPad apps are able to be made in HTML5. If it’s valuable to write once/deploy everywhere, and HTML5 offers enough power.

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