WP7 Talks Back to Me

8 10 2010

After receiving the Windows Phone 7 device I’ll be using in tomorrow’s presentation, I decided to try out the basic functionalities of the device. I tried calling my girlfriend by using the voice command “Call Caroline”. A woman’s voice asked me; “Caroline, home or mobile?”, I answered that I wanted to call her mobile. The phone-woman then said in a snarky tone: “Next time, you could just say, Call Caroline Mobile”. I wasn’t used to my phone talking back to me. Feels a bit Animatrix/Bladerunner. I’d better sleep with one eye open.


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4 responses

8 10 2010
Jesper Uddström

:-) Lycka till med presentationen. Lunch någon dag nästa vecka kanske?

8 10 2010
Viktor Larsson

You know it ;)

11 10 2010

herp derp

11 10 2010
Viktor Larsson

You make a valid point spambot.

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