First WP7 Impressions

8 10 2010

I’ve been using the prototype WP7 for almost one day now. Although most of the services are switched off before the launch, I like the OS very much. The phone’s connectivity with social networks such as Facebook and Windows Live is very seamless. I would like to have seen a “sync to SkyDrive” feature for my documents, but hope that it’s something that will be available down the line. One thing I didn’t really realize until I got the prototype is that the hardware model will actually matter a great deal. I must say that the LG model (prototype hardware) I got was real shoddy in comparison to something like the iPhone, and honestly, that is what you will be comparing any hardware to.

But as I said earlier, the OS is really solid, the animations and the UI are gorgeous and I just can’t wait to get a WP7 of my own.

Birthing Pains?

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