Windows Phone 7 – Anna and Miles

29 03 2010

Windows Phone 7 was designed with a very particular user group in mind. What Microsoft calls “Life Maximizers” would in plain English be explained as committed (in the romantic way, not the insane way), mature adults who needs a communication device able to support their life in motion…


To better understand the otherwise very cheesy term “life maximizer”, we’re introduced to a lovely couple called Anna and Miles. They’re both working thirty-something professionals with a child named Luca. I like a term Microsoft used to describe their target audience; “Settled, rather than seeking”. As intended, it evokes associations to more mature, serious people. Less fart-buttons but not just Office and Email, but a plethora of entertainment and community (all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy).


imageAnna is a part-time PR professional and a busy mom. Anna also has family back in Europe which she strives to keep in contact with. She commutes to work three days out of the week and enjoys listening to music or checking email to invest her commute time. (I’m writing this during my commute, so I can relate with Anna).

“My life is a balancing act between work, family, friends, and my own personal needs.”


Miles has recently started working for himself, trying to grow an architectural business. This turns out to be a good way to illustrate how both people who choose to use the entire Microsoft solution (Exchange, Excel, OneNote etc) as well as those who choose to go another way (Miles is using GMail) can have good connected experiences. Miles works from home but often visits clients and finds his calendar invaluable during the work week.

“I love running my life real-time so I can take advantage of whatever is inspiring me…whether it’s a new project, a pick up game or a stolen moment with Anna.”



Here is the Windows Phone 7 ad featuring Anna and Miles. I think they look like a sweet couple. I don’t know if “X-Ray Hell” is my idea of a date movie but maybe they like B-horror.

I’ll be showing this video later tonight as part of a presentation I’m giving at Avanade Sweden.

Anna and Miles Windows Phone 7



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