MIX Day 2 Keynote – HTML5 & IE9

23 03 2010

The day’s keynote started off swiftly. Microsoft were showing how HTML5 would work in a demo-filled way. One of the key points they wanted to make was that there was no other combination as powerful as HTML5 + IE9 and in some cases, they we’re right…


Hardware Acceleration

One of the more powerful demos in terms of quickly being able to communicate a message was the spinning images demo. In this demo, a hundred png images were spawned and started to animate in three dimensions. The IE9+HTML5 combo spun them like nobody’s business MIX10 IE9 NUI HTML5 oDATAand kept a steady 60 fps through even at a higher png count. Of course the other browser lagged behind chopping the images into place at two to ten fps. This demo was, as I said, very powerful but also very unfair. It’s of course meant to demonstrate the new hardware acceleration that IE9 sports, but in no way does it communicate a a general idea of the browser speed improvements in IE9. No doubt, the new hardware acceleration is going to benefit some aspects of browsing and in a spectacular way.

The overall motto of IE9 “better, faster without changing any code” gives hope that HTML5 will be a straight up improvement over previous code standards.

HTML5 Video

The idea of using HTML to insert video elements is promising indeed. To simply do a <video> tag would enable bloggers and site owners to host videos without resorting to YouTube hosting. If the “laws of YouTube” can be easily circumvented, this might mean a renaissance of online porn streaming. Mothers, lock up your sons (or your modem)!


Speaking of YouTube, one very interesting aspect of the presentation was when HTML5 Video was actually demoed running videos on YouTube. The question then must be posed, to do something in such a public manner,

does YouTube intend to abandon Flash in favor of HTML5 Video?

This would be a bold move, and a devastating blow to Adobe’s web presence. Of course, YouTube is only one of many sites relying on Flash today, but I’d say it’s among, if not the largest “flash”-site”. Is this because YouTube figures HTML5 will be available in mobile browsers before Flash is?


The next part of the presentation was by far the most mindblowing in my opinion. So much in fact that I won’t go into detail on it here. See my site later for a separate post.


Bill Buxton

This man’s voice is my new drug. After listening to his keynote presentation where he talked about what Natural User Interfaces (NUI) really are, I couldn’t wait to hear him speak again, so I signed up for a session called simply “An hour with Bill Buxton”. It was one of the best sessions I went to and I don’t regret a minute of it.

If you get the chance, go see this man talk. If you don’t, at least watch some of his videos online at http://billbuxton.com.

Here is his latest vid on NUI:




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