Mix10 Day Zero – Arrival and Workshops

15 03 2010

(Part 1)

After a long and perilous journey. Michael Björn (or Bjoeeearn as the natives pronounce it) and I arrived in Las Vegas. Last night was uneventful, especially compared to Sunday so far…


We arrived at the Mandalay Bay Conference center early to get signed up. Unfortunately, this was a common plan and we entered a line of over one hundred attendees. I got picked out of line after five minutes and got to go to the front while Michael was stuck in the back. Turns out having a last name with an uncommon first letter can be beneficial at times. After getting us both coffee, I rejoined with Michael and we checked our Mix swag bags; not much of interest but a few cool things. Amongst others a very nice water container in just the right Avanade colors.

The first workshop was with John Papa and Mike Taulty called Silverlight 4 Bootcamp. Both Bjorn and I learned a lot even though there was little news to be had. A lot of focus was put on the MVVM design pattern and it’s uses with Silverlight. I got the opportunity to talk to Papa a bit between the segments and ask him about SLOOB and WPF. His answer for my question where he saw SLOOB going was that although there were no new features being discussed right now, he’d be shocked if the new Elevated Permissions features in SL4 was the last development we saw. We also briefly discussed the relationship between Silverlight and WPF and Papa thought that a combination of the two technologies wouldn’t be an impossibility in the future.

MIX10 Vegas Viktor Silverlight

  MIX10 Vegas Viktor Silverlight MIX10 Vegas Viktor Silverlight     MIX10 Vegas Viktor Silverlight




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