Packing for Vegas

10 03 2010

I’m trading fimbul-winter and everlasting darkness for summerlike weather and a ceaseless barrage of light. I’m traveling across the world with nothing but a small backpack to hold my possessions and an open mind to hold new ideas, best practices and a thousand new faces.

Las Vegas Viktor MIX10 MIXAfter the jump

What to bring?


The most important (and heaviest) item is of course my dear laptop. In Sweden some people call laptops “carryable computers” or “bärbara datorer”, I often joke that my laptop is a “draggable computer” if anything. It’s not the smallest model but then again, I can’t say no to the screen size and horsepower. Would have loved to be able to bring a netbook instead though.

My three flight companions will be Michael Bjorn, Phobos the god of Sleep and my ill-gotten Nintendo DS. I’m brining a lot of games, some of them new. I just reviewed Picross 3D for a smaller Swedish game site and with a good audiobook, it kills time like no one’s business. If anyone has a recommendation for a good recently released NDS game, feel free to tell me.

Lastly, what would be the point of going to Las Vegas without a camera to immortalize the sins of mortals? I’m expecting it to be filled with mostly nerds and pictures of larger than life hamburgers when I get home.

Las Vegas Viktor MIX10 MIXELECTRONICS!!!


Las Vegas Viktor MIX10 MIXNo matter what clothes I bring it’s most often the wrong ones. This time I’ll just have to do the best I can from a bad situation and bring some stylish clothes. A few shirts, some new pants and a suit should suffice. By this time next week, I’ll probably be sweating my ears off and curse the decision to bring so much thick clothes.

I’ve made sure to pack enough sunglasses to last me a whole year though. I won’t be lacking in that area.


Except for clothes and things that run on batteries, what do you really need? I’m packing a newly opened Moleskine notebook to take notes with if I don’t feel like dragging my laptop around all day long.

I’ll be bringing two small packages with gifts in them to two select speakers (once again, not harming anyone. Please don’t stop me in customs) with some signature sweets from Sweden.

The Return

As in Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey” I, like the hero, must return from my adventure with a prize (be it intellectual or material) and bestow boons on my fellow men. As my adventure is a small one, I’ll settle for bringing back a few poker chips and craps dice to my friends; and a plethora of new knowledge to my professional peers. A friend wished me luck and hoped I’d score a jackpot on the slots and for that I’m grateful.

Las Vegas Viktor MIX10 MIX




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