Three ideas for Windows Phone 7 apps

1 03 2010

Since I’m expecting to get a WP7 SDK at MIX10, I’ll have to start thinking about what kind of applications to create with it. I like applications that make my life better, but not necessarily improves the life of everyone. Or to put it in another way, apps with narrow applications. Windows Phone 7 Applications 4chan SJ

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Application ideas

Should I run?

This is an application I first wanted to make for WinMobile but think it’ll work much better for WP7. The application reads the public bus schedule data for Uppsalabuss (my local transport company) and renders it in a readable form in my phone. It displays different buses depending on my location and time of day. The data is fed live over the net with 30 second intervals. After approximating my run time from different platforms at my train station, the app will be able to determine if I’ll catch the bus if I run or if I might as well walk.

An extension could be the ability for custom profiles so other people could use it. Secondary concern though :)

Windows Phone 7 Applications 4chan SJ

SJ:ing detector

I’m less sure about this apps viability, it’s supposed to be a “silent app” that runs in the background. If possible, I’ll try to make it.

The end goal is that I want an application that automatically checks the time I arrive at a certain location. The application will automatically provide information on my arrival in Stockholm and Uppsala over twitter. This way, any concerned party (co-workers, girlfriend etc) can see if I’m delayed. Today for instance, the app would register my arrival to Uppsala at 20 minutes (and counting) later than usual :(

Windows Phone 7 Applications 4chan SJ

4Chan Image-browser

I’ve made a WPF implementation of this already. I think it works great (although it’s missing a few features). I don’t see a reason why it couldn’t work on a Silverlight enabled phone. At present, there are only a handful copies of the 4chan browser in the world. Could be a killer app from day one if I make a mobile version.

If you’re unfamiliar with 4chan, it’s an image-board populated with 99% crazy people. It however houses a lot of cool wallpapers and high resolution images. Also, pictures of naked ladies on tractors. My application extracts a massive amount of pictures without any comments, opinions or human interaction of any kind. Cold, calculating and perfect.

Windows Phone 7 Applications 4chan SJ

Your mind is beautiful, Viktor

Well ^^

I won’t argue with myself. I hope to come up with several more apps to enrich my life in the coming weeks.




4 responses

2 03 2010

I’d buy that 4chan browser if done nicely.

2 03 2010
Viktor Larsson

Wow! Selling apps… Never thought of that :P
I’d probably give it away for free to avoid any legal issues. But it works like a charm on Windows. I can fetch 10 pages of wallpapers in just a few seconds.

Here is a screenshot:

2 03 2010

Well sure. You should see the iPhone store, where people sell applications that just display a clock for $1.

It’s not much but people are totally open for stuff like that.

9 10 2012
Hiba Odeh

Woooow thats fantastic
im working on 2 application WP7 but im not working very well can i have a help please

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