In anticipation of MIX10

27 02 2010

In two weeks, I’ll be leaving for Las Vegas to participate in Microsoft’s annual MIX conference. It’s a conference about web design, mobile devices and the precious bond between development and design. As I aspire to become somewhat of a design/developer hybrid I think this is the perfect place for me to be.

I’m very glad to travel with Michael Bjorn, who also went with me to Paris last year. To spend a couple of days with him in Las Vegas will certainly be exciting.

MIX10 Viktor Avanade Silverlight Windows Phone

After the jump

The three things I’m looking most forward to are these:

1. Windows Phone 7 announcements

MIX10 Viktor Avanade Silverlight Windows Phone

As with most large conferences, I’m expecting a few unrevealed secrets about my new favorite mobile device, WP7. Scott Guthrie mentioned in an interview at Channel 9 yesterday that Microsoft still has a few secrets up their sleeves, so I’m excited.

Of course, the chance to get my hands on an SDK; or if I may dream, even… a working prototype; would be more awesome than I could stand to bare.

2. Meeting Scott Guthrie again

MIX10 Viktor Avanade Silverlight Windows Phone

I’m very much looking forward to hearing Scott speak again. Last time was both informative and entertaining. This time, I’m going to get ever more stalkerrific and bring him something to remember me by. (muahahahaha)

Disclaimer: I’m not going to hurt Scott Guthrie, please don’t put me on a no-fly list.

3. Social Connection overload

xNozdNot my business card

During my time at Avanade, I’ve been around the Nordics and to Paris, but never outside of Europe. To meet both international colleagues and Microsoft evangelists in general is going to be very nice. I consider myself a social person and hope to be fresh out of business cards when I leave Las Vegas.




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