Windows Mobile is dead! WP7 lives!

16 02 2010

Announced recently, the Windows Phone 7 series seems to have great potential. It really gets my heart racing to see Microsoft put an end to the atrocity that was Windows Mobile and step into the future. With the great functionality for Xbox Live users, I know a man or two who’ll jump on this immediately.

At MIX10 this march, Microsoft will give away the full details on the phone, seminars, workshops and… SDKs. I really hope I, or someone close to me, is able to go and retrieve all the delicious information.

Remember when I talked to Scott Guthrie and he was all like “Sometime around march *wink wink*” when asked about Windows Mobile and Silverlight? I think this is it. The announcement I’ve been waiting for will come during MIX. I can’t wait!





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