Side Projects

21 12 2009

I’ve been keeping busy lately. Here is a list of the side-projects I’m currently working on:

  • Creating an e-commerce site for the company Prinsessan Kawaii completely in Silverlight
  • The ChanBrowser. An imagebrowser that browses certain image forums and extracts images without any side text (WPF). See posts HERE AND HERE
  • Presentations about Silverlight4. Gave one two weeks ago. Am scheduled to give one in Stockholm and one in Finland next month.
  • Leveling a Warrior, a Shaman and a Rogue to lvl80 in World of Warcraft. This takes at least as much time as developing e-commerce sites.
  • Creating a mobile mobile device demo for a large Swedish retailer
  • Creating a Microsoft Surface concept for one of my favorite companies. Personal touch is always nice.

I hope to give insight in as many of these projects as I can. Hard work is hard but I always manage to slip some time in to my side-projects.

Merry Christmas




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