My take on Silverlight 4 at PDC

20 11 2009

As of yesterday, the Silverlight 4 beta is available to everyone (with VS2010). Since I’m currently working on this darned mobile app, I haven’t had a chance to test it but some of the changes seem very nice. I’ve been working quite a bit on a webshop created solely in Silverlight and know that some of the new features could be useful.


I think that I’ve personally most been wanting the Rich Text Editor for some time now. That’ll come plenty in handy when presenting and recording information. Data Grid is of course a huge item that many developers have been pining for which now will make “serious” apps more viable.

The fact that Silverlight is being enabled out of browser with elevated permissions is not only an interesting change of scope but also begs the question: now that Silverlight is OOB and WPF is enabled online, how big are the differences really and will we see a merger within a year or two of the two technologies? Of the two, Silverlight has by far the sexier name if nothing else.

I’ll be updating more as I try out the new beta sometime next week. Until then, all I can offer are a couple of nifty links.

Silverlight 4 SDK

Silverlight toolkit (updated)

Channel 9 course on SL4





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