Imageboard viewer almost done – Needs tweaking

16 11 2009

As I mentioned before, I’ve been working on an image extractor for a specific image board as a way to hone my .net skills. It’s almost done in the sense that “it works on my computer”.


This is the look of it at the moment. The gradient background is kind of an inside joke and those of you who get it, good for you.

The idea is for users to be able to look at multiple pages of image content without having to click through pages or read lots of useless banter. Take for instance this wallpaper-board. The user can request any number of available pages to be presented and then click on an image to see it in full resolution. Very effective.


My problem at this point is that since I developed the app using Visual Studio 2010, all references are to .net framework 4.0 and unusable to most people. A friend of mine who tested the application also complained about it stopping when trying to save the pictures. I guess the apps main thread stalls while downloading. That’s something else I’ll have to look at.




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1 03 2010
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21 03 2011

Has this been completed yet?
i would love a imageboard browser

23 03 2011
Viktor Larsson

Actually it has. I’m using my version 1.5 on a daily basis. I’m thinking about doing some minor tweaks (straight out some bugs) before I release it as a 2.0. I actually tried to give it away on 4chan at it’s 1.0, but for some reason, people assumed I was trying to spread a virus lol.

Anyway, I’ll post a link as soon as I have a good version to give out. Thanks for showing interest!

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