“Boxmarking” in Visual Studio 2010

14 11 2009

I’ve been trying out the Visual Studio 2010 beta for a week now and I love it. One of my favorite features is the boxmarking which VS now allows. This is nothing new but is incredibly useful when editing code.

In my sideproject, the Imageboard-Viewer, I wanted to apply a Style template to a list of ComboBoxItems. In Visual Studio 2008, I’d been forced to copy paste the text and change rows a million times (there are more items than visible here, although maybe not a million) .

imageWhat I did instead was hold down Alt while dragging a thin vertical box and pasting my code once. This resulted in the same text being pasted to each row.


I also got a chance to use boxmarking when copying multiple values. I wanted to set the content of the ComboBoxItems according to names. As is visible in the above picture, I had several different values to copy.

image Boxmarking makes this an easy and quick task to complete. Imagine the time saving possibilities when handling hundreds of rows at the same time.

Now I just write the word Content and paste my names





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